Flocculant Plants

Flocculant preparation has played a large part on MPTEQ's portfolio for a number of years and has extended to multiple reagent systems including guar, starch, depressant, coagulant, and frother preparation systems. MPTEQ produces a variety of Flocculant make-up dosing plants for specific client requirements. Chemical flocculant is often required to achieve the most rapid settling times within the thickener We supply powder and liquid flocculant plants and depressant plant make-up systems, ranging from small capacity plants to large bulk plants. We manufacture modular and Containerised as well as custom plants to suit and application. Our technical knowledge of flocculation and Thickeners together with the knowledge of some of the world’s largest manufacturers of polyacrylamide flocculants has resulted in the development of a range of fully automated flocculant preparation systems.

MPTEQ have built a wide range of flocculant plants ranging from small skid-mounted units to fully self-contained containerised units with thermal insulation for use in areas that have sub-zero conditions.

Product range

Each system has identical standardised control and mechanical design philosophies with changes in tank and equipment sizes and capacities. This high degree of standardisation reduces delivery lead times and allows for optimised spares inventory support.

Powder flocculant plants range from 0.3 kg/hr to 3000 kg/hr plant capacity.

Design features

- Pre-engineered units

- Flexible make-up parameters

- Skid-mounted units

- Containerised units

- Fully automatic make-up

Static Mixers for Inline Dilution of hydrated flocculant and dilution water.

MPTEQ Flocculant Plants are designed to provide a wide range of retention times to accommodate flocculant delivery demands and hydration time requirements.