High Rate Thickeners

Field Proven. Zero Failures after 50 installations.

MPTeq has extensive thickening and clarification experience to ensure your plant operates optimally and efficiently. We can ensure that your thickener is optimally sized and with flocculant and coagulant screening tests, we can identify the optimal selection of reagents.

Design features to maximise plant performance,

MPTEQ has optimized the rake design for low drag, zero build-up on the rakes. Optimised torque loading on the drive due to balanced, interconnected rake arms.

Consistent and high-density underflow. Careful cone scraper design provides optimal "live" underflow pump feed.

Feed Dilution and Froth Removal (FRAD).

We have eradicated the guesswork out of feed dilution. Our dilution system used our Solvent extraction pumper mixer impeller to produce a low head high flow pump that draws in supernatant and delivers it into a mixing zone of our feed well with very low power consumption. Acctual figyres give a flow of 200 cubic meters with 1.1 kW installed and 0.8 kW absorbed. We use the same device with a floating inlet, like a pool skimmer to erradicate froth.

Automatic operation and optimal torque monitoring.

Our Thickeners are fully automatic. We use hydraulic pressure to measure the torque directly. The proprietary lifting device using a singe hydraulic cylinder to ensure balanced lift.